James Elgar Scales the Heights of Success

A 20-year old UKIP election candidate James Elgar has come a long way from being a guy hustling auctioned products on eBay. Known for his ethical approach to both his professional and personal life, Elgar epitomizes commitment and hard work. James Elgar has lived out his life at Surrey. The guy never lets the opportunity to slip away, seize it and always up to the challenges. Speaking of his academic credentials, James Elgar scored two A-level equivalents in business.

A Successful Foray into Corporate World

Upon leaving the college, Elgar forayed into the professional field and took up a job at new MOTO Service Area, in Cobham, in a Greggs’ retail outlet, on varying shift patterns. Often, professional commitments urged him to cover at short notice, to which he obliged with due diligence. He got his just desserts when others were passed over and he was promoted to the position of Supervisor in early September 2013. He juggled many different responsibilities like stock rotation/ordering, HR management, and complaint resolution.

Tryst with Aviation Sector

Back in June 2014, Elgar accepted a position at Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services (AASS), based in Weybridge, as a Customer Support Executive. His tryst with AASS laid the foundation for a successful career in the Aviation industry. His father Mark Elgar has already established a solid foothold in the industry over 25 years.

Currently, Mark holds the position of Vice President of Sales at AWAS, Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services. Previously, he was associated with British Airways. Following in the footsteps of his father, James Elgar definitely has an illustrious career ahead of him.

For original version on blogspot.com visit:http://jameselgar.blogspot.com/2016/06/james-elgar-scales-heights-of-success.html


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